I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date


Even though we signed the contracts on monday, the bank have fucked up somewhat so we’re still waiting for the delivery of the mortgage confirmation, and of course a copy of this needs to go to our solicitor. We called them, asking about whether or not it had been sent out on Tuesday, to which the reply was “Oh, no, the application isn’t complete yet” (queue massive anxiety and heart-pounding terror).


Turns out, all they were missing was one question which was about whether or not we currently held a mortgage, had ever held a mortgage, and whether or not we held any part in the mortgage of our current addresses – all of which the answer to was no. All of which we had answered when we made the initial enquiry. Our personal mortgage advisor is now on holiday, so I imagine somewhere someone’s wires have gotten crossed. They did know, though, that we were signing all the paperwork on monday – so presumably someone could have had the brains to mention that not everything had gone though yet. I couldn’t bring myself to shout at the man who took our call, because he seemed genuinely lovely, and was very helpful.


All I can suggest is that whoever you’re dealing with, you keep phoning up and badgering people until you get everything sorted – this is what we did at the beginning (particularly with the estate agent) and it worked really well. We just sort of assumed at this stage that everyone was on the same page, which sadly, they weren’t.


All being well, we should have the keys by this Wednesday at the latest.


Love from Betty xx



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