Starting Work.


Jack couldn’t come down for the first day of work (excuses excuses) so I went with our friend Sam to the house yesterday morning to start the gross, messy work. Sam is the most excited person in the world about the house, he’s really into the fact that he has a new project to play with, and as Jack isn’t… the most practical of men, he’s going to give him some DIY lessons.


First job’s first! We have some pesky wood-boring insects to exterminate, so the laminate flooring in the living room needs to be up, and gone, stripped down to bare board. Apparently the only damage is in a small section of the floorboards, the only section in the house that aren’t original boards and presumably weren’t treated correctly when they were laid.



Sam puts up with Betty documenting him for the day

We took up the whole thing fairly quickly – incidentally that hole that you can see there is the cellar – originally the entrance would have been closer to the foreground of the photo, there are some nice brick stairs that lead nowhere down there, and instead we’re having to climb down a rickety set of wooden steps. It was an absolute nightmare trying to get in and out of the house yesterday, whilst leaving the cellar accessible as I dealt with setting up a new account for the Electricity token meter.


Betty uses a wrecking bar

The boards underneath aren’t too bad all in all – there are plenty of staples and nails to remove, but other than that they’re in pretty good condition. We’re seriously considering sanding it all down and varnishing it. I do love a wooden floor, although they’re not as insulated as using carpet or laminate, will it really affect our heating bills that much?


On the To Do List now:

  • We put in a good effort cleaning yesterday (Jack’s mom has been a saint) but the whole lot needs a thorough scrub
  • The carpets need cleaning throughout the house
  • Pull up the rest of the tacks and nails from that floor
Those are really the pressing jobs that need to be done before we can get anything else sorted.
Love from Betty (more from Jack this week!) xx

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