Guerilla Crafter


Hi! Betty here, I’m at work all day today (having a blog-break!) so I’ve left Jack at home to tackle the difficult job of sanding the floor with the assistance of Luke, and Sam I believe. Just wanted to post on a birthday present that I bought for my friend Emily last week!


Guerilla Crafter currently sells these adorable embroidered notebooks and diaries (the blue-tits are my absolute favourite) – she’s an amazing textile designer working with recycled and re-purposed materials, and a very nice lady to boot!. You can pick up one of her notebooks or purses where I work (in store only) at Scary Canary Clothing in Stourbridge, and for those of you not fortunate to live in the Black Country, there’s always the Guerilla Crafter shop on Etsy !

Guerilla Crafter embroidered books available in store from Scary Canary Clothing

Hopefully by the time I get home I’ll have a beautifully sanded floor, and we can get down to varnishing – one can dream!


Love from Betty xx


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