Betty’s Christmas Wishlist

Betty's Christmas Wishlist
It’s a bit of a simple one really, it’s our first Christmas on our own so I just want it to be nice!

1. Decorations, of any variety or calibre if I’m honest – I do have a penchant for making Christmas like a pack of forest animals or a sparkly menagerie has camped out on the tree – sequinned birds a bonus. I’d settle for some tinsel and baubles, anything tacky and shiny.

2. Lots of photos – we have an unconventional Christmas usually as Jack works in the daytime, and I have done in the past. I’m going to spend the day at my mothers’ house, and the evening at the almost-in-laws. I want ‘our first Christmas’ to be full of lovely memories, something to look back on.

3. SWEETS – sweets, and stodge. Cakes and cocoa for after Christmas Lunch. Feeling fat, sleepy and happy is all part of Christmas as far as I’m concerned.

4. Christmassy Homeware – I know you can’t use it all year round (although I probably would), but a good old Christmas ceramic is always good for making you get in the holiday mood – Reindeer mugs at ther ready!

5. Christmas Jumpers – stay cozy and warm, and festive. I wonder if I could get Jack to wear one…

Love from Betty xx


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