A Jack and Betty Christmas


Finally! Jack has come to Betty’s rescue and we have a camera lead! Found in a box, isn’t moving fun?

So last Saturday we had a really informal Trimming the Tree party, just a few really close friends, Betty’s Mom, Jack’s Parents – some Christmas music that Jack had spent all night preparing (which later was swapped for some music that was a little easier to sing along to at… two in the morning).


Here are some photos anyway, we had a really great time, and have started the new tradition of ‘put all the most hideous and tacky decorations up that you can find’. Most of our decorations this year were charity shop finds, or donations. We love them and they certainly were a bargain!


Jack wears the most Christmassy Item he coud find




Betty runs out of room


a more interesting angle


Pictures of the finished tree coming up!


Love from Jack and Betty xx




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