Jack and Betty’s Christmas Gifts



Merry Christmas! Hope you’re had a good one and you’re not at work quite yet! We had a great time, managed to see both of our families, we took Barney visiting with us who was shockingly well behaved! It must be just our tree he likes to unravel. Here’s a shortlist of some of the presents that we were really kindly bought for the house (minus all of the leftovers that we’ve been given, we’re sure to get though them at some point!)


  • 1. Keep Calm and Carry on Cushion

We can’t resist a bit of kitsch, (as you may have noticed from Betty’s Union Flag Bunting) so this is really perfect for us – perfect for Victory Corner!

  • 2. Le Creuset Heart-Shaped Casserole Dish

We’re both really into cooking, Jack’s a pretty good chef so we’re going to find plenty of use for this one! So cute too!

  • 3. The Crochet Book – Cath Kidston

A really sweet little tin chock full of wool, a crochet hook, a basic ‘how to’ and a lovely crocheted cushion pattern. Betty really needs to learn to crochet so this will get her on her way! Have a go yourself, available from Amazon.

  • 4. Cozy Pyjamas

Our house is still pretty cold at the minute so these are a godsend!

  • 5. The Perfect Apron – Robert Merret

Betty’s really excited about this one, she’s a vintage gal at heart and she loves to craft. This one’s also available at Amazon.

  • 6. Cox Cookies and CakeEric Lanlard, Patrick Cox

From our friend Laura, she knows us too well! Some really naughty-looking snacks in here too.

  • 7. Cake-Shaped Salt n’ Pepper Shakers and Floral Cake Tins

Just perfect!

  • 8. Le Creuset Orange Kettle

A really generous gift from Jack’s Head Chef and his wife from work, we’re going to have to work on a collection now!

We hope you were so fortunate with your gifts! What did you get? What’s on your wishlist for this year?

Lots of Love from Jack and Betty xx


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