Happy New Year!

Jack and Betty

such a modern couple

Happy new year everyone! We wanted to share with you our personal New Year’s Resolutions! We have joint ones this year, because a problem shared is a problem halved, as they say.

This year, Jack and Betty will:

  • Give up Smoking – and about time too! We could be spending the money on other things, and we’ve both got our health to think of. We’re going on a bit of a health kick anyway which leads us nicely to…
  • Eat More Healthily – Jack’s a very good cook, and Betty makes a reasonable effort, but too often we go for things that are really bad for us – bacon and cheese being among the worst offenders – Betty’s also very guilty of scoffing down a lot of biscuits (and lately mince pies), so we’re trying to eat well, but better. If anyone can recommend some tasty, but healthy recipes that would be amazing!
  • Exercise More – This is more Jack’s thing really, he’s taking up running with a little help from our friends. Betty’s pretty certain she’s going to try to get along with her ballet workout DVD again, and at the very least get on the exercise bike again!

Wow, we sound like the worst couple ever – we’re really not, we just wanted to make the effort to be a bit better than usual this year. Jack’s got a few ambitions that he wants to fulfill that need him to be in good shape,  and Betty’s tagging along for the ride, as it were.

We have some resolutions for the house too! Among them are tearing down the extension this year, scary stuff! We’ll keep you posted.

Love from Jack and Betty xx


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