Sanding a Floor


We promised an update on this ages ago! The house has come a long way, we’re still just sorting through all the photos! Here we remember that fateful day that the boys sanded our living room floor, and the three of us varnished it. The whole thing was a) a massive pain in the nether regions and b)rather expensive! We love how it looks but in the end it probably would have been cheaper to buy carpet… Not sure this is something we’d attempt again in a hurry! Still, it looks lovely and the hard work definitely paid off.



We used a mahogony effect stain on it in the end, it’s very shiny, and a bit dangerous when Betty’s got the wood polish out – like a wooden ice rink!


Some tips:

  • Try your darndest to get any nails, pins and staples out of the floor before you start
  • There are always going to be some nails, pins and staples left in the floor, no matter how hard you try – expect to go through a few belts for the sander – it all costs money!
  • Expect to go through more varnish than you think – you can always return any tins that you don’t open so it might be worth buying extra to save you going back and forth
  • We varnished ourselves upstairs, at night, just before we went to bed. That way we didn’t need to worry about stepping through it when we needed to get through the house!
  • Don’t get any gloss paint on it – it’s not fun.


Love from Jack and Betty xx


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