The Geek Room


Here are a few peeks at our office/The Geek Room – We are both unashamedly geeks, in different ways really. Jack is a massive video-game geek – his computer is pretty much built for that purpose. Betty is also really into her games but is much more of a console girl – we’re both fans of classic video games, t.v. and comics, but we’re kind of confining the geek to the office (at the moment).

Videogame Book Covers - A J Hately


This was Betty’s most recent purchase as ‘a present for Jack’ – but there are definitely a couple she threw in there for herself… They’re postcard prints of videogame-inspired book covers (available to buy here – there are loads more on the shop now – someone needs to do another order) – it’s really great as a lot of game merch can be a little tacky – but the illustrations on these are just perfect, and the colour pallette looks really great – they’re hanging in the staircase that leads up to the office, it was looking a little bare, and now we can see these from our room which is pretty cool.


Humphrey and Robots in Disguise


We’re also really both fans of vintage movies and fashion – Jack frequents the post office for work, and the ladies there had gotten a bit silly and drunkenly pinched a life-sized cutout of Humphrey Bogart – of course! They thought of Jack first of all so now he’s on the staircase, next to Betty’s screen-printed gig poster for Robots In Disguise (not sure where this was from – I’ve had it for years! – Betty). Jack really likes to hide Humphrey around the house to terrify unsuspecting visitors…


Those are all PC Games...



the rest of the Bioshock triptych


Love from Jack and Betty xx



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