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Betty again – just at my other job (I’m an art technician, on another blog break, how naughty!) but I really had to share a few images from a student whose work I’m photographing at the moment. Rosie left last year, but we’ve kept her sketchbook to show this years’ lot; she did some gorgeous personal work all about her family tree and she’s included some beautiful old photos and cards. I didn’t want to post too much, because it is all very personal, but her sketchbooks are too lovely to not give you a snippet.

She’s done a lot of really nice work with her family photos, I’m really inspired by the way she’s presented them all!  I want us to have all our old family photographs on display throughout the house, and I might just have found some nice ways to do it.

I’m only here for another forty minutes, so Jack’s picking me up then and we’re going to collect a filing cabinet that I’m scrounging from work to use in our office! Will it fit in the Clio?

We’ll let you know.

Love from Betty xx