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Meet… Dorian Hedgepig!









Dorian is our new baby African Pygmy Hedgehog! He’s settling in okay, we think – the cat is very very interested… thankfully he doesn’t seem to be an amazing hunter, that and I don’t think that any of his past ‘prey’ has been spiky! He’s very confused by the whole thing!


Lots of Love from Jack and Betty xxxx


Hello Barney


Betty has had one of her Christmas presents early this year… introducing – Barney!



We’d been looking for a kitten in the past few weeks but nothing had been in the papers, yesterday Jack was scouring the internet for something local – and there was Barney! He’s a little older than we’d thought of getting but he’s just perfect, he seems to be really calm too which is an absolute blessing – he’s just been sitting on Betty’s lap purring for the majority of the day. He’s gorgeous!


Love from Jack and Betty xx