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We’ve got the men from Mercian coming to the house tomorrow, to sort out a little problem with the flooring – and we realised that we didn’t have enough mug-sized mugs! Plenty of smaller ones, cute ones, tea-cups, coffee-cups-and-saucers but only a few mugs really. Betty has had Sunday dinner with her mum today, so she’s raided her cupboards for all of the things that are hers, and all of the things that she could have that were otherwise unwanted. Along with the collection – some vintage patterned pyrex egg cups (left) that match a coffee cup set and jug that we bought from a charity shop about this time last year – bonus!

It’s our first night sleeping at the house tonight, we’ve put the sofa bed upstairs in the little room with the boiler in it (it’s cozy and lovely) so we can get up first thing to let everyone in. Onward!

Love from Jack and Betty xx