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An Update, a DIY, and an Announcement


I am such a bad blogger! (I’ve also given up any pretence that Jack contributes to this blog!)

I cannot believe that I haven’t updated since February. That is incredibly naughty, so here I am! If you want to find more places that I’m active, you can check my Pinterest, and you can also follow me on Instagram where I frequently just post pictures of cake, or my nails.

So down to the DIY, I’d seen a really great Pin purporting to be of gold-sprayed fridge magnets (as we all know, I love a fridge magnet) which… turned out to be jewellery. I can’t actually find the Pin now, I thought I’d put it on one of my boards but apparently not… anyway, I made my own! I happened to have a really great ultra-shiny gold spray paint becoming incredibly dusty underneath my sink, so I went crazy and sprayed all of my fridge letters gold… so whilst we’re at it – I combined the DIY and the announcement!

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 21.15.12

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 21.15.34

Lots of Love from Jack (sort of) and Betty xx


Thank You! (Treasure Hunter UK)


A much overdue thank you to Jenny at The Treasure Hunter UK (which is an amazing blog, that you should follow if you don’t already) for making us the winner of her subscriber competition, yay!

We won this absolutely gorgeous ‘Secret Garden’ cafetiere from La Cafetiere. – anything with birds on it makes Betty intensely happy, so we’re very grateful! Even the box that it came in is gorgeous (you can see it in the photo).




Very little to report at the moment, we’ve both been at work so much that we’ve barely had time to do anything to the house, let alone blog about it – but this week is our week off, so you should be hearing more from us soon!


Lots of Love from Jack and Betty xx

Jamie At Home


A little while back, our lovely friend Emma hosted a Jamie at Home party (at our lovely local pub – The Bridge – more on that later) and we scooped up some gorgeous kitchenware!

No prizes for guessing why we bought the ‘Betty’ mini-flan dishes! The Betty range is really gorgeous, and just what we wanted in our kitchen – there’s loads of great 1950s-inspired cookware in the range, and a fantastic pudding bowl that we have our eyes on! The colours are just gorgeous, and the dishes are really substantial and pretty!

These are just the cutest, too – can’t wait to make pancakes and get some maple syrup for these lovely diner-inspired pouring jugs.

In other news…

So now you know!

You can book a Jamie at Home party with Emma here, she is the nicest person you’re ever likely to meet, too – so that’s always a bonus!

Lots of Love from Jack and Betty xxx

Absence Makes The Heart…


It’s been over a month since our last post – never fear, we are still around, doing house-y things! Work is getting in the way just a little at the minute, so in the mean-time here’s a few drool-worthy bits and bobs from Betty’s Pinterest Board, hope to come back with some more content soon!

Source: purlbee.com via Betty on Pinterest

Source: dosfamily.com via Betty on Pinterest

Lots of Love from Jack and Betty xx

The Powder Room



Betty’s still not quite happy with her Walk in Wardrobe – but Jack’s helped it along the way! He tidied out the whole room on his own one day last week, and set up an adorable powder room as a surprise! We’ve been donated some sets of drawers from our friend Max which has been amazing – we actually have space to put our clothes that isn’t boxes, or an already overflowing wardrobe!



You can just about see the princess mirror in the last photo – and this is where Betty gets ready in the morning now, all of her cosmetics are ready to hand, and tidy, so much easier to keep clean! You can see here a vintage vanity set that was a christmas gift from Betty’s mom.




It’s also Barney’s favourite room of the house, because it’s warm, and he’s not allowed in there very often.

More soon!


Lots of love from Jack and Betty xx

Betty’s Christmas Wishlist

Betty's Christmas Wishlist
It’s a bit of a simple one really, it’s our first Christmas on our own so I just want it to be nice!

1. Decorations, of any variety or calibre if I’m honest – I do have a penchant for making Christmas like a pack of forest animals or a sparkly menagerie has camped out on the tree – sequinned birds a bonus. I’d settle for some tinsel and baubles, anything tacky and shiny.

2. Lots of photos – we have an unconventional Christmas usually as Jack works in the daytime, and I have done in the past. I’m going to spend the day at my mothers’ house, and the evening at the almost-in-laws. I want ‘our first Christmas’ to be full of lovely memories, something to look back on.

3. SWEETS – sweets, and stodge. Cakes and cocoa for after Christmas Lunch. Feeling fat, sleepy and happy is all part of Christmas as far as I’m concerned.

4. Christmassy Homeware – I know you can’t use it all year round (although I probably would), but a good old Christmas ceramic is always good for making you get in the holiday mood – Reindeer mugs at ther ready!

5. Christmas Jumpers – stay cozy and warm, and festive. I wonder if I could get Jack to wear one…

Love from Betty xx

Guerilla Crafter


Hi! Betty here, I’m at work all day today (having a blog-break!) so I’ve left Jack at home to tackle the difficult job of sanding the floor with the assistance of Luke, and Sam I believe. Just wanted to post on a birthday present that I bought for my friend Emily last week!


Guerilla Crafter currently sells these adorable embroidered notebooks and diaries (the blue-tits are my absolute favourite) – she’s an amazing textile designer working with recycled and re-purposed materials, and a very nice lady to boot!. You can pick up one of her notebooks or purses where I work (in store only) at Scary Canary Clothing in Stourbridge, and for those of you not fortunate to live in the Black Country, there’s always the Guerilla Crafter shop on Etsy !

Guerilla Crafter embroidered books available in store from Scary Canary Clothing

Hopefully by the time I get home I’ll have a beautifully sanded floor, and we can get down to varnishing – one can dream!


Love from Betty xx