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I feel like every time I write in this blog it’s another “sorry I haven’t blogged for a while! blah blah” – thing is, we’ve been in the house for a year now… and whilst there is a lot that needs doing, a lot’s already been done. We haven’t got the cash for new projects at the minute really, and our day-to-day living isn’t all that exciting! Jack and I are barely in the house enough together for us to blog about food – quite often it’s cooking for one, which is pretty difficult and not all that exciting… I could do you a charming ‘how to make pasta slightly less boring after making it for the past week’ post but that’s probably about it…


Still a lot is changing around us in our lives – Jack is working his notice at the restaurant after getting what sounds like is going to be an amazing new job opportunity. My part-time pub job is all change as it’s been bought by new owners. Here’s hoping they both work out okay!


One thing we have been able to do is paint the lounge. I saw a great paint chart from Graham and Brown with a ‘Great British Paint Colours’ theme to it – there was a Police Box Blue… and as massive Doctor Who fans, we couldn’t resist… Jack was worried that it’d make our small lounge a little dark, but actually it turned out to be pretty cozy!









Lots of Love from Jack and Betty xxx


The Powder Room



Betty’s still not quite happy with her Walk in Wardrobe – but Jack’s helped it along the way! He tidied out the whole room on his own one day last week, and set up an adorable powder room as a surprise! We’ve been donated some sets of drawers from our friend Max which has been amazing – we actually have space to put our clothes that isn’t boxes, or an already overflowing wardrobe!



You can just about see the princess mirror in the last photo – and this is where Betty gets ready in the morning now, all of her cosmetics are ready to hand, and tidy, so much easier to keep clean! You can see here a vintage vanity set that was a christmas gift from Betty’s mom.




It’s also Barney’s favourite room of the house, because it’s warm, and he’s not allowed in there very often.

More soon!


Lots of love from Jack and Betty xx

Family Photo Wall


A little while ago we reblogged this Photo Wall from Stone and Rose, and we’ve been working on our own family photo wall since! It’s just in the stairwell, and we’re only using black and white photos at the minute – photos of our great grandparents, our grandparents and our parents. It’s been really great looking through the old albums and asking who certain people are, finding out the stories of those photos.


our stairwell

Nowhere Near Finished Yet


Mostly Betty’s family are on the top, and Jack’s family are on the bottom rows – they’ll expand when we’ve got the printer working again! Our personal favourites are the beautiful photo of Betty’s Grandparents’ wedding, and the rather lovely one of Jack’s dad holding a panda! We’ll keep you updated when we add more!


Lots of Love from Jack and Betty xx

The Geek Room


Here are a few peeks at our office/The Geek Room – We are both unashamedly geeks, in different ways really. Jack is a massive video-game geek – his computer is pretty much built for that purpose. Betty is also really into her games but is much more of a console girl – we’re both fans of classic video games, t.v. and comics, but we’re kind of confining the geek to the office (at the moment).

Videogame Book Covers - A J Hately


This was Betty’s most recent purchase as ‘a present for Jack’ – but there are definitely a couple she threw in there for herself… They’re postcard prints of videogame-inspired book covers (available to buy here – there are loads more on the shop now – someone needs to do another order) – it’s really great as a lot of game merch can be a little tacky – but the illustrations on these are just perfect, and the colour pallette looks really great – they’re hanging in the staircase that leads up to the office, it was looking a little bare, and now we can see these from our room which is pretty cool.


Humphrey and Robots in Disguise


We’re also really both fans of vintage movies and fashion – Jack frequents the post office for work, and the ladies there had gotten a bit silly and drunkenly pinched a life-sized cutout of Humphrey Bogart – of course! They thought of Jack first of all so now he’s on the staircase, next to Betty’s screen-printed gig poster for Robots In Disguise (not sure where this was from – I’ve had it for years! – Betty). Jack really likes to hide Humphrey around the house to terrify unsuspecting visitors…


Those are all PC Games...



the rest of the Bioshock triptych


Love from Jack and Betty xx


Union Flag Bunting Tutorial

Union Flag Bunting Tutorial


Betty here! Jack asked me to make him to Union Flag bunting (did you know it’s only the Union Jack if it’s flown at sea?) so I thought I’d do a little tutorial for you! This involves aging the fabric, and making a stencil as well as cutting out a boatload of triangles!


Things You Will Need

  • A length of pale fabric
  • Tea
  • Instant Coffee
  • Sewing Scissors
  • Pins
  • Hand sewing needles/a sewing machine
  • Cream coloured cotton thread
  • Two sheets of A4 Card
  • Red and Blue acrylic paint
  • A fairly thick brush (I had a household paintbrush to hand but a good artists one would be better)


I tea-stained my fabric, there are a few tutorials around online that will explain how to do this – (bear in mind that it will only work on natural fibres, so make sure you use something like cotton rather than something synthetic) – I pretty much just stuffed all of my fabric into a saucepan with three of four teabags, I used a single-sized bedsheet so that should give you some idea of how much you need. Add enough boiled water to cover your fabric! I used a sprinkling of instant coffee (we’ve been given loads, but neither of us drink it) on the top just to give the colour a more uneven look – you can add to this by scrunching up your fabric as you put it into the water.

I wanted more of an aged, stained look to my fabric, so I sprinkled some more coffee in different areas once I’d taken the fabric out of the water, and before it had dried. Leave it to dry naturally, or (as I did) cheat and use a hairdryer.

I’d recommend cutting your fabric into more manageable strips once it’s dry, before you start making your triangles! Make a stencil, about A5 sized from one of your sheets of card, so you can cut all your bunting to size – for my method it doesn’t matter too much if it’s uneven.

Pin the template onto the fabric, and get cutting. You can fold the fabric a few times and cut out a couple of triangles at a time if you like – it certainly saves a lot of time!

You’ll need to make two stencils, one for the red part of the flag and one for the blue – I traced my template that I used to cut my triangles with, and onto my second piece of card I traced the blue, and the red section on either side from an image of the union flag that I found online (there are plenty if you search) Cut out the parts that you need. I started with the red, to make things a little easier to line up. It’s good if you have a piece of board or something to lean on that you can tape the stencil onto, it makes things a little bit cleaner and easier, so you can flip the card up and down as you alternate your fabric triangles.

I used standard acrylic paint (Daler Rowney System 3) to do this, in red and blue, with a little bit of brown mixed with either to dull the colours a little and make them both a similar tone. Take your paintbrush and stipple and paint over the stencil, onto the fabric. Because I wanted mine to look a bit aged and shabby I wasn’t really so fussed about everything being too neat, some areas of the paint are patchy where others are a bit heavier, and I made the effort to try not to cover up too many of my coffee stains.

Leave them to dry! I don’t have any photos of the next stage, but it’s fairly straightforward; your fabric (presumably) will be hanging, and won’t get too much wear. The acrylic will also stop it from fraying, to a point, as it’s plastic and acts a little bit like a glue. My bunting hangs against our living room wall, and didn’t really need to be double-sided. I used some selvedge of leftover fabric to create the tape to hang my bunting from, and hand-tacked all my little triangles into place! Using a sewing machine would have been quicker and a lot better, really – but I had a bit of machine failure so I had to do it all by hand – you shouldn’t have that problem!

So here’s the finished bunting! Hanging proudly in what we’re currently calling ‘Victory Corner’ which has a few of our vintage postcards and posters hanging in it – it’s definitely a work in progress but they’re some of the first pictures that we’ve hung in the house. The living room is still a work in progress but we’ll show you the full makeover once it looks a bit more… livable.

Lots of love from Betty xx



Betty again – just at my other job (I’m an art technician, on another blog break, how naughty!) but I really had to share a few images from a student whose work I’m photographing at the moment. Rosie left last year, but we’ve kept her sketchbook to show this years’ lot; she did some gorgeous personal work all about her family tree and she’s included some beautiful old photos and cards. I didn’t want to post too much, because it is all very personal, but her sketchbooks are too lovely to not give you a snippet.

She’s done a lot of really nice work with her family photos, I’m really inspired by the way she’s presented them all!  I want us to have all our old family photographs on display throughout the house, and I might just have found some nice ways to do it.

I’m only here for another forty minutes, so Jack’s picking me up then and we’re going to collect a filing cabinet that I’m scrounging from work to use in our office! Will it fit in the Clio?

We’ll let you know.

Love from Betty xx



We’ve got the men from Mercian coming to the house tomorrow, to sort out a little problem with the flooring – and we realised that we didn’t have enough mug-sized mugs! Plenty of smaller ones, cute ones, tea-cups, coffee-cups-and-saucers but only a few mugs really. Betty has had Sunday dinner with her mum today, so she’s raided her cupboards for all of the things that are hers, and all of the things that she could have that were otherwise unwanted. Along with the collection – some vintage patterned pyrex egg cups (left) that match a coffee cup set and jug that we bought from a charity shop about this time last year – bonus!

It’s our first night sleeping at the house tonight, we’ve put the sofa bed upstairs in the little room with the boiler in it (it’s cozy and lovely) so we can get up first thing to let everyone in. Onward!

Love from Jack and Betty xx